Since his origin, man has carried his belonging with him. First in crude bags made of animal skin, followed by cloth, embroidered fabric with the addition of handles and straps, carpet bags, heavy wooden trunks, metal trunks, Gladstone bags and leather cabin trunks until finally the smaller overnighter or attaché-size suitcase evolved-that has the advantages of safety, portability and comfort in traveling.

Kodama Chemical Industry Company Ltd. is one such company that has played a major role in this evolution. It has not only pioneered the introduction of plastic attaché case in Japan but also is the proud owner of its original brand Echolac.

Backed by an experience of over around 4 decades, Echolac specialty lies in the fact that, they are built with ingredients that are considered as features for other. These ingredients are considered as features for other. These ingredients are safety, portability, comfort and style.

Driven by the mission to challenge the most advanced technology and pursue offering value-for-money, Kodama's original brand Echolac pays close attention to safety, health, environment and social welfare. Echolac lines up a wide range of cases, such as attaché cases, travel cases and other custom-designed cases in an affluent variation.

PNP Potytex Pvt. Ltd. Brings Echolac the trusted brand of Japan to India. So, go on flip over the pages for glimpses of Echolac spectacular range, and pick your passport to the world.

PNP group company Aasu Exim Pvt. Ltd., is renowned for its in-depth knowledge in filament yarn and various kinds of fabric used in manufacturing of travel goods. This knowledge reflects in the products that are promoted by them. PNP is specially established for promotion of Echolac in India. In addition to PNP, the group has few more companies to promote diversified products, all across India.

When, Echolac-a world-class brand is backed by a company like PNP Polytex Pvt. Ltd. ,trust, safety, comfort and style and more importantly value-for-money comes with the product without asking for it.